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(translated text follows)
The Collection de l’Art Brut is privileged to present the first European show of works by the American creator Gregory L. Blackstock, who will be present at the opening reception. Produced especially for the occasion, a documentary film and a monographic essay (appearing in Issue 23 of the Art Brut booklet series launched by Jean Dubuffet in 1964) accompany this exhibition.
A first in Europe, the Collection de l’Art Brut exhibition presents some thirty of Blackstock’s works dating from 1991 to the present day, together with an original documentary film specially created for the event.

The American Art Brut creator Gregory L. Blackstock (b. 1946) is autistic. He reinterprets the universe in the dim light of his cluttered one-room dwelling place. With the shutters closed and the curtains drawn day and night, he withdraws into the silent seclusion of his at once living and working quarters. And this notwithstanding all the uproar and flashing lights of the surrounding city of Seattle.

Blackstock worked as a pot scrubber for an athletic club during twenty-five years, rounding off his income by playing the accordion on in the street and making drawings that at times appeared in the club newspaper. Gradually, his compositions took up more and more of his time and, since his retirement in 2001, they have become part and parcel of his everyday life — a full-time, feverishly pursued activity.

Appearing in Issue no. 23 of the Art Brut series of booklets devoted to the Collection de l’Art Brut creators is a monographic essay on Gregory L. Blackstock by Philippe Lespinasse, a filmmaker specialized in Art Brut documentaries. This same issue presents essays on the Art Brut creators Guo Fengyi, Helga Goetze, Angus McPhee, Laure Pigeon, Guillaume Pujolle and George Widener. Forthcoming in November 2011, this richly illustrated booklet is published jointly by Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne) and Infolio (Gollion).

The museum bookstore carries the sole existing monograph on Blackstock, now including the Collection de l’Art Brut’s newly added insert of a French translation : Karen Light-Pinã, Blackstock’s Collections : The Drawings of an Artistic Savant, New York, Princeton Architectural Press, 2006.

Specially conceived for the show in Lausanne, and jointly produced by La Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne) and Lokomotiv Films (Le Tourne), the documentary Gregory Blackstock l’encyclopédiste (2011) is the only existing account of this creator’s life work. In welcoming Philippe Lespinasse to his living quarters, Gregory Blackstock dispels any mystery as to the context and conditions in which he creates.

A public screening will take place at the Bellevaux movie house in Lausanne, at 8:30pm on Wednesday, November 2, in the presence of the director of the Cinémathèque suisse (Swiss film archives), Frédéric Maire.

The DVD Gregory Blackstock l’encyclopédiste Philippe Lespinasse and Andress Alvarez Lausanne/ Le Tourne, Collection de l’Art Brut/Lokomotiv Films, 2011, 24 min., English original version with French subtitles, can be purchased at the museum bookstore.

The Collection de l’Art Brut will host a lecture on the topic of “autism and creation,” with as speakers respectively Nouchine HADJIKHANI, neuroscientist, and Olaf BLANKE, neurologist of the Brain Mind Institute of Lausanne’s Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).
Venue and date: Collection de l’Art Brut, Thursday 26 January 2012, 7pm. A special news bulletin on the event will be published in due time.

View Gregory Blackstock's work.

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