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Kevin Titzer & Casey McGlynn

OPENING RECEPTION: First Thursday September 7, 2006 - 6pm-8pm
OPEN DAILY: Wednesday thru Saturday 11am-5pm
CLOSING: Saturday September 30, 2006
WHERE: Garde Rail Gallery - 110 Third Avenue South - Tel.206.621.1055

Kevin Titzer creates three-dimensional figures using wood, metal, and other debris found near his home by the Ohio River. A native of Evansville, Indiana, the 33 year old has been making art for most of his life and has established himself in galleries in nationally. His subjects are playful, yet some carry a darker edge and suggest that much more lies beneath the surface.

Toronto's Casey McGlynn paints on wood and canvas, creating work dense in imagery and texture. In Casey's paintings, large herds of cattle-like creatures appear juxtaposed with birds and portly human figures (often Casey's depiction of himself). Text may feature in his work as well, resulting in paintings of rich, dark, hues, and large blocks of color. Casey's work perhaps depicts an imagined mythology of the people that once roamed the barren, Canadian wasteland tundra at the top of North America.

Kevin and Casey are part of a group of young new artists that are keeping collectors excited across the country.

Casey McGlynn and Kevin Titzer
Casey McGlynn and Kevin Titzer
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