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Rick Borg

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Rabbit Man Lion House Red Elephant
Out At The Ranch My Log Cabin Dream
Rick Borg paints on found wood, his paintings comprised of many thick layers of house paint, oil, and enamel. Most of his paintings are two-sided ("Some folks like what's on the other side better") and his subjects range from men riding alligators, to bears and fantastic scenes of machines and animals. He frames his pieces out with broom and mop handles, wiring his creations together and he will often incorporate found objects into his paintings. Rick's work dares discovery through the senses resulting in a rawness that leaps off the walls to surprise and delight.

Rick was born in and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and has been called a "39 year old child prodigy". He began to draw and paint as a kid and into high school until he found another passion; golf. He went to Ohio State to pursue his interest in golf, where he had to choose a major, art being the obvious course. Completing four years of school, Rick went on to join the PGA Tour. After "not doing too well", he returned to Columbus, where he enrolled in the Masters program "because they gave me a place to paint and I really didn't have anything else to do".

In 1985, after school, Rick went on to a series of jobs, one of which was a truck driver for a local gallery. It was during this job that Rick met noted folk artist William Hawkins. Rick would deliver paintings from Mr. Hawkins' home to galleries on the eastern coast, spending some time with the artist as they would "talk for hours".

For the last ten years, Rick has been living off of an assortment of odd jobs and his paintings. His paintings have maintained a fearless and fantastical nature throughout. Rick admits, "My education seems to be my biggest drawback. The folk art dealers have a hard time with me and the fine art people don't want to know. I just paint and let everybody else sort it out."

Rick Borg
Rick in his studio
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